Princess of the Seas

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Princess of the Seas

Post by J. Floan on Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:15 am

this large 400+ room ship docked at the harbor serves as a Hotel, Black tie restaurant, Piano bar and shopping center.

The Piano bar is at the Bow of the ship and is surrounded by glass, the carpet is red and the piano area sits 2 feet above the ground on an elevated glass platform, the area in front of it is a dance floor.

The restaraunt is a Black tie restaraunt where reservations are required, usually 1-2 weeks in advance. only the Finest foods are served here ranging from 2-3" thick steaks to Lobster to Steak tar tar. Only dress clothes are allowed.

the Shopping center is enormous, Everything is available there and if it is not they will order it for you. Plan to spend some time shopping through their hige selection of clothing, jewelry and fine furs.

the Hotel is huge stretching 5 of the 8 decks it is 400 rooms and is usually reserved weeks in advance. the rooms range from your normal studio room at $189 a night to the Master Captain 4 Bedroom stuie ranging from $900-$2000 a night.

There is parking outside the Boat with an elevator to get you to the entrance.



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