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Post by J. Floan on Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:40 am

This is not a Forum for " Kids ".  This is at times a very adult themed forum.  The calls that are simulated here are a reflection of what is scene in the real world and as such can be adult oriented at times. If this is not something that you or any participant are willing to accept then by all means there are forums out there that cater to such wants.  This forum on the other hand does not.  By participating you are accepting the nature of such posts and do so of your own free will.

This is NOT a real Fire Department, This site does in NO way reflect current procedures. The way the department is run is the way it is run, I fyou do not agree with it, Like it or if you want to change it then other forums are open for your consideration. This forum is how it is, No exceptions.



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